Professor James Blake


With more than 46 years of practicing social and psychological intervention strategies that contribute to growth and development, Professor James Blake is a graduate of Columbia University with a Master’s in Social Work and Psychology and a License in Mental Health Certification. Professor Blake is currently a tenured Professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and prior to his service at the City University of New York, worked as a Social worker with the New York City Department of Social Services’ Division of Foster Care. Having grown up in several foster homes himself, Professor Blake brings a wealth of personal and professional knowledge and insights into the emotional and psychological pain children feel when they are separated from their families and communities. Professor Blake is an innovative educator, accomplished community organizer, academic advisor, and a skilled program developer, who has designed successful and innovative programs to prevent youth from deteriorating into negative behavior that lead to drug abuse and incarceration. Professor Blake is the recipient of numerous awards and was recognized by the CBS “Fulfilling the Dream” television series in 2006 as one of the 15 individuals in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region whose work most exemplified the work of Dr. Martin Luther King. A recent book, “God’s Bad Boy: James Blake and the System,” written by his wife, of 53 years, Dr. Bessie Blake, is a moving and inspiring account of his journey from foster care to college professor. Professor Blake is a sought after lecturer and is dedicated to fostering a learning environment in which people become problem solvers, life-long scholars and learners.