Urban Leadership Intensive




Urban Leadership Intensive is a two-year course designed for current and future leader-managers with a focus on individuals and organizations engaged in work in urban and impoverished communities.

The training increases capacity and development within organizations to support the effective implementation and evaluation of high quality services and organizational management, innovation, and growth. Participants (15-20 per session with working groups of 3-4) engage in a two-year course of seminars and one-on-one coaching and video chats on effective management leadership examining the unique challenges of working in urban communities and with at-risk populations.

Experts in organizational assessment, data collection, child development, school management, social services, clinical psychology, and program development are examples of  guest lectures for this highly focused course. In the second year, participants implement the information gathered in year-one of the series for practical use in the workplace with a final seminar and video consultations throughout.